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Tyler’s Pic of the…Past Two Months?

I’ve been a total delinquent about posting lately. So here’s a totally gratuitous, random photo of Tyler in his wedding tuxedo (ours, not his) from New Year’s Eve so I don’t feel guilty about not having posted in the past two weeks.
Tuxedo Tyler
And here’s a pic of mon coeur in the same tux from our wedding day. It still fits!
Tuxedo Tyler
And here’s a family wedding pic because…well, pourquoi pas?
Family Wedding Photo

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Happy Holidays From Paris

We celebrated our second Christmas in Paris this year. Although it’s nice to get to spend the holidays in this gorgeous city, I wish we could’ve been surrounded by family back home. You never appreciate how lucky you are to have holiday obligations until there aren’t any obligations to attend! Unfortunately, Rio’s busy period falls around Christmas, so the chances of us spending Christmas back home in 2014 will be slim too. Oh well – maybe we can convince family to visit us for Christmas next year! Hint hint…

Nevertheless, we made the most of the holiday. Although we were supposed to spend Christmas Eve in Chantilly with a French friend, a family emergency resulted in us putting together a last-minute, quiet meal chez nous. This year, we incorporated some traditional French Christmas elements into the meal – smoked salmon, oysters and gougères for apéros, seared scallops, a bûche de Noël, and, of course, a couple bottles of Champagne. For Christmas Day, we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Stacy and Jason’s apartment for a cozy, casual lunch that included some height-defying rounds of Jenga, mulled orange juice, the most thick and delicious potato soup you’ve ever had, mac & cheese, bacon-covered turkey for the meat-eaters, mashed potatoes & gravy,  freshly-baked bread, and a chocolate and raspberry cake! Even though I had my stretchy pants on, I was so stuffed by the end of the night, I wish I had brought sweatpants to change into! I’m so thankful we got to spend the holiday with some friends, as Christmas is definitely a holiday that’s made even more meaningful when you get to be surrounded by special people in your lives.

So no matter where you live and who you’re with, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! From the streets of Paris to our home, here are some festive photos from the past few weeks. Joyeuses fêtes et une bonne année à tous!
Holidays 2013
Holidays via Instagram.



Grands Boulevards
Paris Ornament

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Recently on Instagram

I know I don’t post nearly enough about Paris. The simple fact is I don’t visit any tourist sights unless guests are in town, and I don’t necessarily feel comfortable looking like a tourist or snap-happy blogger by whipping out a huge DSLR camera (or even a regular point-and-shoot camera for that matter) when I’m out trying a new bar or restaurant. I’ll occasionally sneak in an iPhone photo, but even then, those aren’t the best quality since I’m trying to be pseudo-discreet. I’m also just not the kind of person that simply wanders around the city for hours with a camera taking photos of beautiful everyday activities and sights. I really wish I was, but I’m not. In fact, I’m afraid that if I ever leave this beloved city of mine, that I’ll regret I didn’t do that. All this is to say that this is the reason most of my photos tend to be of my recent travels (apparently, I don’t have any qualms about looking like a tourist then), with an occasional Paris shot in between. Oh, and a shot of Tyler too, of course.

However, since I did have guests in town recently and even got to visit Barcelona and Madrid again after nearly 10 years, here are a few things I managed to capture on Instagram, Paris sights included.
Après New York on Instagram
Clockwise from Top Left:

  • This is actually an Instagram video. I know it’s cheesy to say this, but there’s something about a French flag waving in the wind that really resonates with me. Yes, I know I’m American, but I can’t help but feel some sort of heavy connection when I see a French flag. Rio thinks I’m nuts. My friend Alan says I’m a romantic.
  • We’ve been lucky with the weather in Paris lately (I know I just jinxed this now), so for the second night of my friends’ visit, I took them to En Attendant Rosa on Les Berges by the Seine for evening al fresco drinks and apéros. This is the view we took in – my favorite bridge Pont Alexandre III. If you’re ever visiting Paris and the weather is nice, then I recommend settling in at one of the few riverside bars or restaurants on Les Berges and doing the same.
  • On the last day of my friends’ visit, I took them to one of my favorite sights: Sacré-Coeur. Did you know the reason Sacré-Coeur always stays so white is because it’s made of a type of limestone called travertine that constantly self-cleans because it exudes calcite when it rains – kind of giving it a fresh coat of white paint? I always love sharing this fun fact with guests when playing a “Paris Fact: True or False” game with them. And oui, I actually do this because I am a nerd.
  • My parents also visited this past week. Before arriving, my dad said to me, “I’ve already been to Paris, I want to see another city and country”. Um, ok. What am I, chopped liver? So with that in mind, I took them to Spain for the week. For our last day in Madrid, we visited El Retiro Park, which is where this pond is located.
  • We also managed to take a day trip from Madrid to Segovia. This is a shot of the impressive Cathedral of Segovia, located right by the main square Plaza Mayor.
  • After literally two weeks straight of traveling and entertaining guests, I was one exhausted lady. Coupled with the fact that I ended up catching the cold my visiting friend Brian had, I decided to stay in and rest all weekend. Tyler did the same.
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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Stapled

While on Tyler’s vacation in the French countryside, the poor boy got into a fight with another dog while trying to get it on with a female dog. Apparently, Tyler lost. The other dog clamped his wicked chompers in Tyler’s back leg, resulting in him needing two staples (real medical staples!) and antibiotics for the next two weeks. Plus, he has to sport the attractive cone head look so he doesn’t incessantly lick his wound. Poor guy. Although I spared you from a close-up, you can kind of see the staples in the photo above.

On a side note, Tyler really needs to stop trying to hump other dogs! Mon petit pervers.

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Happy Birthday!

Tyler's 9th Birthday
Today is Tyler’s ninth birthday! I look back on the years we’ve had together (seven and a half!) and just can’t imagine my life without him. I love him to the moon and back, and feel so lucky to have this four-legged guy in my life.

Here are some pictures of this little crazy nut over the years.
Tyler Collage
Clockwise from top left: with his Frenchie pals, after he got his EU pet passport, celebrating Halloween, being lazy, enjoying the French countryside, learning to be patient, recovering, and showing his sexy self.
Tyler Collage 2
Clockwise from top left: in costume for Halloween 2006, looking stoic despite his inside-out ear, enjoying last minutes of sleep before having to get up for his morning walk, not the best picture but it’s his last walk in Forest Hills before becoming a Parisian expat dog, enjoying the sunshine, and one of Ty’s last walks with his fellow New Yorker dogs before moving to Paris.
Tyler in Tux

Tyler at Wedding
The two pics above are from our wedding. Our day was extra-special with Tyler there.

Bon anniversaire, Tyler! xx

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Le Mur des Je t’aime

Rio, Tyler & Le Mur des Je t'aime
Tyler has seen most of the major Parisian sights (Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III, etc.), so it’s getting a bit harder to find interesting spots to take him to these days. Tough dog life, right? Well, one place he hadn’t been to yet – and neither had Rio or I – was a place called “Le Mur des Je t’aime” (I Love You: The Wall).

Located in the Montmartre area, the wall is found in this tiny garden called Square Jehan Rictus right by Metro Abbesses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked right past this garden not knowing that just inside was 612 blue enameled lava tiles forming a wall of more than 300 “I love you’s” in 250 languages. Quelle romantique!
Le Mur des Je t'aime Le Mur des Je t'aime
Tyler Waiting for Le Mur des Je t'aime
Sadly for us (and Tyler), when we arrived we immediately noticed the “no dogs” sign in the park. Merde! So the above pics are of us waiting for the park guard to leave so we could sneak him in for a quick photo shoot. Luckily, our patience paid off and as soon as the guard left, we skedaddled in there with Tyler in our arms as Parisians and tourists looked on. What can I say, I am one determined American.
Le Mur des Je t'aime
How many languages can you say “I love you”? I can say it in Polish, Chinese, Tagalog, English (obviously) and French.

Je t’aime, Paris! xx

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Dîner Sur le Balcon

Balcony Dinner
Dear Balcony,

You’re so amazing when Paris is warm and sunny! I know enjoying a coffee & croissant, une verre de vin or just reading my iPhone book on you will always be one of my favorite memories from my time in Paris. But oh, when Rio is actually home before midnight and there is still daylight outside – there’s nothing I love more than dining alfresco on you. Even though Rio thought it was cheesy and “très américain” of me to turn on the twinkle lights, je m’en fiche! It added to the atmosphere and when Frenchies walking along the street called up to us saying “vous avez de la chance”, I thought, “oui, I do”.

So, un grand merci for a wonderful night last night and here’s to many more.



PS – It’s clear Tyler loves you too as I oftentimes find him with you sprawled out and tanning his blonde-furred skin (as he is doing right now).
Balcony Dinner

Dinner Balcony

Dinner on Balcony

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Après “Crying Like a Pig”

While on his forest walk today, Tyler chased a girl dog…probably in hopes of humping her.
Tyler got bit on the cheek by said dog when she wasn’t going to take any of his frisky American ways.
Tyler freaked out and “cried like a pig” for 10 seconds before pulling himself together and continuing to play in the forest.

Oui, that’s how the dogwalker basically described Tyler’s reaction post-bite. He’s fine though. Really, he is. No broken skin, no blood, nothing besides a wounded ego. He seems tired, but he usually is after three-plus hours running around Meudon Forest with a pack of 20 dogs.

With that being said, I gave him a grand bisous and an extra treat (seen below) to make up for his traumatizing experience today. Either way – don’t you think he still looks handsome after the day he had?



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