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How to Wear a Scarf Like a Frenchie

It’s rare that I’m not wearing a pashmina or scarf of some sort. On the off-chance I forget to wear mine, I feel naked, exposed and more susceptible to catching a cold. That’s also probably the reason why my face is a different, darker shade than my neck.

Despite how frequently I wear a scarf, I often catch myself staring at Parisian women (and men!) wondering how they managed to tie their scarf so it looks so chic. Just this past weekend at a Frenchie bachelorette party, I stared in awe at one of the girls tying a little scarf around her neck and thought, “well, if I did that, it wouldn’t come out that way”.

So when I came across this video that was included in a one-month Paris series New York magazine is doing, I had to share it. My favorite new looks to try are the celebrity and the waterfall. I’m hoping to master some of these scarf-tying tricks before Rio pries my cold, wine-stained fingers from the Paris streets back to NYC.

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Music I’m Loving: Awkwafina

I read about Awkwafina on New York magazine’s recently redesigned “The Cut” column. I was all ready to be offended based on the article’s title “Can an Asian Woman be Taken Seriously in Rap”, but I’m so glad I read the article and watched the music video. Love her. And I loved her line about how she only had Margaret Cho and Lucy Liu to look up to because “that was it” in terms of Asian American “celebrities”. So true. Now, watch the video.

And here’s her “My Vag” video, which apparently was a hit with feminist media outlets. I just think it’s hilarious and like the lines and the beat.

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