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Tyler Napping - 4.29.14
The best part about returning from a vacation is getting to snuggle up with this love bug. I even turned down a free night with the dogwalker so Tyler could return home to his own bed and his maman et papa.

Stay tuned for pics and itinerary details of my recent Morocco trip! In the meantime, you can always find me on Instagram too.

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Dîner Sur le Balcon

Balcony Dinner
Dear Balcony,

You’re so amazing when Paris is warm and sunny! I know enjoying a coffee & croissant, une verre de vin or just reading my iPhone book on you will always be one of my favorite memories from my time in Paris. But oh, when Rio is actually home before midnight and there is still daylight outside – there’s nothing I love more than dining alfresco on you. Even though Rio thought it was cheesy and “très américain” of me to turn on the twinkle lights, je m’en fiche! It added to the atmosphere and when Frenchies walking along the street called up to us saying “vous avez de la chance”, I thought, “oui, I do”.

So, un grand merci for a wonderful night last night and here’s to many more.



PS – It’s clear Tyler loves you too as I oftentimes find him with you sprawled out and tanning his blonde-furred skin (as he is doing right now).
Balcony Dinner

Dinner Balcony

Dinner on Balcony

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Après “Crying Like a Pig”

While on his forest walk today, Tyler chased a girl dog…probably in hopes of humping her.
Tyler got bit on the cheek by said dog when she wasn’t going to take any of his frisky American ways.
Tyler freaked out and “cried like a pig” for 10 seconds before pulling himself together and continuing to play in the forest.

Oui, that’s how the dogwalker basically described Tyler’s reaction post-bite. He’s fine though. Really, he is. No broken skin, no blood, nothing besides a wounded ego. He seems tired, but he usually is after three-plus hours running around Meudon Forest with a pack of 20 dogs.

With that being said, I gave him a grand bisous and an extra treat (seen below) to make up for his traumatizing experience today. Either way – don’t you think he still looks handsome after the day he had?



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A Week on Instagram

Instagram Week
Clockwise from top left:

A private music & champagne night at Club Rue de Naples. I felt so fancy!
Obsessed with this gorgeous building in the Monceau neighborhood.
Finally, blue skies and sunshine sans rain! Naturally, that meant a lovely picnic at Parc Clichy-Batignolles.
Sunshine means working and making travel plans sur mon balcon. It was a productive morning, as I booked a trip to Spain with the parentals and a romantical getaway with my bestie and her husband…yup, just the three of us.
Started off 4th of July with a French breakfast chez moi.
Ended 4th of July with a view of this gorgeous building after my first-ever blogger event.

If you’d like, you can see more Instagram pics at @apresnewyork.

Happy Friday!

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day

Here’s Tyler enjoying the sun on the balcony. BTW – I know these haven’t really been daily photos – but saying “Tyler’s Pic Out of Three Days” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Désolée!

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Sunset in Paris

Despite the recent dreary weather in Paris, one of the perks of living here during the spring and summer is that the sun doesn’t set until nearly 10pm. Oui, c’est vrai. Although I love having more daylight, it can throw you off on when to eat dinner as it’s still light outside. 10pm quickly approaches without you even realizing it and then merde, you still have to make dinner! Anyways, I digress yet again.

Here are some pics of my balcony as the sun faded to darkness last night. This was taken around 9:30pm. I couldn’t get the true lighting of the clouds correctly without darkening the rest of the shot – so just imagine the clouds of the second pic in the first pic and that’s what it truly looked like. Sorry – the iPhone can only do so much!
My Balcony
In case you’re wondering why I have a garbage bag on my table, it’s because of those pesky pigeons! This weekend, we’ll be heading to Castorama to pick up “des piques” – little pikes our neighbors said you can use to ward off pigeons and their nasty poop.
My Balcony

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La Fête des Voisins – Time to Party with the Neighbors

Apparently this Friday is “La Fête des Voisins” AKA “Neighbors’ Day”. I know this because I bumped into a bunch of my neighbors in the lobby today while they were discussing the organization of said party. At first I thought it was just someone’s bonne idée to plan a soirée for the building, but nope…it’s because there’s an actual “holiday” to celebrate your neighbors.

Started in 1999, the idea was conceived to “break the isolation of the residents of a building, street, neighborhood or even city” and takes place on the last Friday of May. During this potluck meal (or most likely apéros), you’re supposed to share wine and simply a good time with fellow neighbors – just like a block party I’d imagine. I didn’t think an actual holiday for this existed in the US, but after a quick google search, I was proved wrong. There is, in fact, a “National Neighborhood Day” that takes place on the third Sunday of September. Who knew?!

Either way, I’m looking forward to spending some QT with my lovely neighbors and hope you get to too no matter where you live. After all, there is a World Neighbor’s Day. Did I mention that the last time I had apéros with my neighbors chez moi, the one pregnant lady ended up going into labor an hour after she left (umm, at 2am) and her husband had to drive to the hospital slightly intoxicated?! Ahhh oui, c’est une histoire vrai. Thank goodness all went well.

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Locked Out. Oh Merde!

It was only a matter of time before one of our worst fears in Paris finally came to fruition. We locked ourselves out of our apartment.

Just as I was closing the door behind me so we could take Tyler for his morning walk this past Saturday, I asked Rio if he had the key. It was said out of habit, as honestly, he always has his key, so I don’t usually bring mine. But nope, not this time. As the door clicked behind me (I can still hear the click now), he looked at me as if I were joking. When we both realized neither of us had our keys and this wasn’t a practical joke we were playing on each other, the look of surprise combined with “oh shit” terror hit both of us at the same time.

After we both patted down our pockets to make sure we really didn’t have our keys, I frantically ran to the guardian’s apartment to see if she might be home and have an extra key. No luck. I then ran from neighbor to neighbor’s apartment in hopes that someone would have “un radio” (AKA an x-ray). Umm – un radio, you ask? Oui, it is commonly known in Paris that to break into your apartment (apparently, an unfortunate common experience), you can try to use an X-ray to jiggle the door lock open. And oui, we all have copies of our X-rays since doctors here check us for tuberculosis. Well – let me tell you, the alleged X-ray trick does not work. Pas du tout. Not only did it not work for us, but it hasn’t worked for our friends Robin & Dave who’ve also gotten themselves locked out.

So how did I manage to get an X-ray? Third time’s the charm because that’s how many neighbors I had to ring before someone was home. The poor guy (whom I have never even seen in my life), looked so confused as I tried to sign language what an X-ray was since I couldn’t remember it’s called “un radio”. Luckily, his English-speaking girlfriend came to the door after a few minutes (in her bath towel, mind you), and was able to figure out what I needed. Keep in mind this is at 10:30 on a Saturday morning – super early for late-sleeping Parisians.

So back I ran upstairs with le radio in hand, hoping Rio had some hidden break-in talents I didn’t know about. Nope, nope he does not. At this point, I was starting to get worried we’d really need to call a locksmith and part with the rumored 500 euros it costs to break into your own home. Throughout all this, poor Tyler is also laying on our neighbor’s doormat probably needing to pee really badly and wondering what the hell was going on with his crazy parents. As a last resort, knowing that our dogwalker’s usually in the countryside on the weekends and that they have our extra set of keys, I figured I’d still give it a shot and text them to see if they might be stopping in Paris for some reason anyway. Turns out, they were already at their country farm BUT their cleaning lady was at their home outside Paris and could give us our key if we arrived before 2pm. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!! After asking about seven taxis if they’d take Rio, me and Tyler to the dogwalker’s house, and all of them saying no, we decided to part ways and I’d make the trip on my own.

(Super) Long story short, after an hour, all three of us were back inside our home and the adrenaline rush from the morning adventure lasted throughout the remainder of the day. I’m so thankful it all worked out well, that we have the nicest neighbors and that we have a dogwalker who has a key!

PS – Did I mention the scene where the neighbor on our floor ended up being home, so Rio climbed over his balcony to hop onto ours and was about to break our window to get inside until I ran in there screaming like a banshee that we would be able to pick up our key from the dogwalker? Ahh – true story.
So thankful for our dogwalker and his key (or I guess, technically our key)!!
Taxi Receipt
45 euros lighter after a taxi ride from Paris to Sèvres and back.
X-Ray Remnants
X-ray remnants.

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day

Désolée, but I’m recycling a photo of Tyler I already posted on Instagram (@apresnewyork) the other day. Considering I only have like five followers on Instagram, I figured this might be a new pic for most of you.

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French Phrase of the Day: Je suis de bonne humeur.

French Phrase of the Day: I’m in a good mood.
(Not to be confused with “humour”, which means humor.)

It’s amazing what a little sunshine and productivity can do for your mood! The day started out drizzling, but by the afternoon, the sun was shining and everyone was out enjoying the warmth. On top of the good weather, I finally received Rio’s new debit card after eight months of dealing with horrid HSBC and even restarted my French lessons… also after nearly nine months of waiting to hear back from HR. Ahhh, la vie française.

A fellow expat once said if you can accomplish just one thing a day in France, consider yourself very, very lucky! You don’t know how true that is here.

Plus, these new flowers on my balcony also make me happy…
Flowers on Balcony

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