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How to Wear a Scarf Like a Frenchie

It’s rare that I’m not wearing a pashmina or scarf of some sort. On the off-chance I forget to wear mine, I feel naked, exposed and more susceptible to catching a cold. That’s also probably the reason why my face is a different, darker shade than my neck.

Despite how frequently I wear a scarf, I often catch myself staring at Parisian women (and men!) wondering how they managed to tie their scarf so it looks so chic. Just this past weekend at a Frenchie bachelorette party, I stared in awe at one of the girls tying a little scarf around her neck and thought, “well, if I did that, it wouldn’t come out that way”.

So when I came across this video that was included in a one-month Paris series New York magazine is doing, I had to share it. My favorite new looks to try are the celebrity and the waterfall. I’m hoping to master some of these scarf-tying tricks before Rio pries my cold, wine-stained fingers from the Paris streets back to NYC.

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Save the Date: Les Soldes in Paris

Mark your calendar, girls. Next Wednesday, January 9 is the beginning of “les soldes” – the big sales season that only happens twice a year in France. I already have plans to do some lunching and shopping with a girlfriend on that day. The one perk of being a freelancer and not having to be with the hordes of people on the weekend!

Les soldes is from January 9 to February 12. Discounts become greater as the end of the sales approaches, however, there’ll be less inventory. And if you’re planning a summer visit to Paris – keep in mind the summer sales will be from June 29 to July 30, 2013.

Here’s a little shopping “guide” I found on Paris.com.

Happy Shopping!

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