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Eating & Drinking My Way Through Paris in Two Years

Two years ago on March 15, I moved to Paris. In that span of time, I have eaten at so many bars and restaurants (apparently, more than 120!) that I thought I would share with you all where I’ve been and what I’ve liked and didn’t like. I’m no foodie reviewer so many of my comments are succinct and definitely not editorial material, but I hope it helps you discover a new favorite spot…and perhaps steers you away from overhyped locales.

Bon app!

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Lunch Alfresco

20121022-145313.jpgYum! Croque Madame without the jambon. Since it’s 72 and sunny, I decided to dine alfresco for lunch at La Grande Café de la Poste – a neighborhood restaurant I run past frequently that’s always packed with Frenchies.

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