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Merci Readers!!

10k Mark
Whoa – I wasn’t expecting to see this today! Apparently my little blog has now surpassed 10,000 views!! I know it’s small potatoes compared to other bloggers who take this much more seriously than I do, but I’m thrilled nonetheless.

I never thought anyone would be reading this except for my family and some of my closest friends who were bored at work, so a huge MERCI to anyone who’s ever read Après New York. It means a lot.

And Happy 4th of July!

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Tyler’s (Instagram) Video of the Day

You can click on the image above to see my first Instagram Video featuring…Tyler, of course. This was post-walk and you can hear him licking working away to get a treat out of his smart toy.

As a big fan of Twitter’s Vine, I felt a bit conflicted about Facebook’s copycat move of offering videos on Instagram…but hey, that’s business and mobile video is (finally) gaining traction with the mainstream population. (Yup, this is where I plug client Hang w/.) So what did I think about Instagram Video? Well, three things:

1) I love the 13 filter options that can instantly enhance your video.
2) The image stabilization is great as it helps eliminate the shakiness in videos.
3) Compared to Vine’s 6 second maximum limit, 15 seconds for an Instagram video seems like an awfully long time. Then again, I felt a bit rushed with 6 seconds sometimes, so at least with Instagram Video, you can choose to shoot a video between 3 to 15 seconds long.

And if you’d like, you can find me on Instagram at @apresnewyork.

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Watching Now: Jay Leno Gas Station Prank

I don’t usually post prank videos… actually I never have on this blog, but I enjoyed this Jay Leno gas station prank so much the other day I had to share. (Who knows, maybe you Frenchie followers haven’t seen it yet.) Maybe I like it so much because this karaoke duo picked songs I really like… and have great voices. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s kind of a long video, but the music’s good – so who cares!

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Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Tyler’s Famous!!

While searching home and décor blogs for work last week, I discovered one I really liked: Desire to Inspire. One of my favorite regular posts they do is something they call “Pets on Furniture” where, you guessed it, they post pics of pets on furniture. So I decided I might as well give it a shot and submit a photo of my beloved Tyler. And what do you know?! They accepted it/him – and even made it the first photo! Below’s a screengrab of a part of the post, and here’s a link. Someone even left a comment saying they loved the photo of him! Next stop… Hollywood!

Tyler on Desire to Inspire

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Client News: Chippmunk on Simply Cyn (AKA Addicted2Etsy)

Chippmunk on Simply Cyn
If you’ve ever used coupon sites like RetailMeNot or CouponCabin, you know what a pain it can be trying to find a promo code that actually works. Enter my new client Chippmunk – a savings search engine that’ll help you find the best deal based on your budget. Consider it the Kayak of online deals.

Well, Chippmunk was just featured on one of my favorite lifestyle blogs Simply Cyn (formerly known as Addicted2Etsy). Hop on over to her site if you want to enter to win a $50 gift card from Chippmunk, and obviously, don’t forget to see if you can find a good deal on Chippmunk before you click “buy” the next time you purchase something online.

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Music I’m Loving: Awkwafina

I read about Awkwafina on New York magazine’s recently redesigned “The Cut” column. I was all ready to be offended based on the article’s title “Can an Asian Woman be Taken Seriously in Rap”, but I’m so glad I read the article and watched the music video. Love her. And I loved her line about how she only had Margaret Cho and Lucy Liu to look up to because “that was it” in terms of Asian American “celebrities”. So true. Now, watch the video.

And here’s her “My Vag” video, which apparently was a hit with feminist media outlets. I just think it’s hilarious and like the lines and the beat.

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New Public Relations Client: 9SPR for Hang w/

While at XO Group Inc., I had the opportunity to work with a number of PR firms and publicists who often wanted us to feature their clients in upcoming TV segments and interviews. Katie Hammond of 9SPR is one of those publicists that I could always count on when calling in products for… and well, she recently hired me to specifically work on a new client called Hang w/!

Hang w/

So what’s Hang w/? Launched by MEDL Mobile, Hang w/ is the first-ever iPhone app to allow live real-time video to be sent from one phone to many, enabling people around the globe to connect, communicate and share experiences via live streaming broadcasts. At the end and beginning of each live broadcast, a short ad will show up, offering  celebrities and public figures an additional way to monetize their fan base. Any user can be a broadcaster and/or a follower, and they’ll also be able to send messages directly from the app to Facebook and Twitter as events happen live.

The Hang w/ app is available on iTunes and just launched yesterday. Yes, yesterday! Here’s a link to the press release that went out and a little preview video. So I hope you take a look at it and see if you’ll add it to your bag of social media platforms.

Hang w/ on iTunes

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International Women’s Day: Thalys Promotion

International Women's Day - Thalys Promotion
Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know by now that today’s International Women’s Day – a day to promote equal rights for women. One promotion that caught my eye was from Thalys where they’re giving away 8,000 tickets for 8 euros (8 euros!!) between 8am and 6pm today. Tickets are valid for trips to Cologne, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam between the 18th and 25th of March… and are only for women.

I’ve tried to buy tickets a couple times now but due to site overload, it’s not looking so good. When a company does a promotion like this, they really should be prepared for the surge in traffic. I did a quick Twitter search and you can already see all the Thalys backlash. It’s too bad since it was a good idea and a way to garner good press, but it’s completely backfired on them now. So if you decide to try buying some tickets today – bonne chance!

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New App Obsession: Vine

Tyler on Vine
I decided to finally give Twitter’s new video app Vine a try and I can already tell I’m going to be obsessed with it.

What is Vine? Launched January 2013, Vine is a new mobile app that allows you to create short, looping video clips that are six seconds or less. The videos don’t just live on the app either; if you’re on a computer, you can download the video by rolling your curser over it, clicking and choosing “Save Video As…”

PS – I was giving the Vine app a try for my first time; thus, the annoying video above.

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Quel Brouhaha! The “Lazy” French Worker and Le Grizzly Américain

The hot topic in French news this week is a scathing, no-holds-barred letter from Maurice Taylor, Jr., the executive chairman of tire company Titan International, to France’s industry minister Arnaud Montebourg in response to their pleas to take over a Goodyear factory that’ll be closing in Amiens, France. Known as “the Grizz”, Taylor’s letter basically said that he was not going to save the factory (and approximately 1,000 French jobs) as he’s been there several times and all he’s ever seen were highly-paid French workers who have an hour of lunch, chat for three hours and end up working a mere three hours. Apparently, he had made a comment about this to the French union workers and they responded saying that was “the French way”. Ha!

I think my favorite section of Taylor’s letter that truly reflects the stereotype of the French mindset is the following:

“Sir, your letter states that you want Titan to start a discussion. How stupid do you think we are? Titan is the one with the money…”

Why do I like this line? Because it’s the French who want Titan to save the factory and all the jobs, yet they say they want Titan to start a discussion?? It’s that type of thinking that’s the fundamental problem. The French should be the ones who have not only started the discussion but started actually doing something about it.

I can provide several scenarios of the “lazy French worker” I’ve heard over this past year from both French and expat friends, but I’m not going to do that. What I am going to do is give you one example though, as I just can’t resist. A friend told me how their HR person hadn’t responded to numerous calls and emails about receiving some French lessons that her company was paying for. She literally had to resort to stalking this person so he could just sign off on these lessons the company had already approved. She quickly learned that he just doesn’t respond to emails or calls. What?? In what world does someone, particularly in HR, still have a job and not respond to emails or phone calls? In a French world, apparently. Well, I’m glad to say that after several months, she was finally able to corner him one day and got her damn lessons.

So are French people lazy or not? Obviously, I do not (repeat, do not!) think French people are lazy. In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development consists of a group of 34 industrialized countries that includes the US, and the French work the fourth fewest hours of any OECD member but come in 7th when it comes to labor productivity. It’s not always about working longer; it’s about working smarter – and that is what the French do (when they work, that is).

Here’s a good article from The New York Times about the uproar in France surrounding the letter. And here’s the letter from Taylor in case you’d like to read it. It’s definitely not the most diplomatic…

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