Bonne Fête des Rois!

Galette des Rois
What happens when you have three kings, a bean and a cake? Well, if you live in France, it means it’s obviously time to celebrate Fête des Rois AKA Three Kings Day or Epiphany Day. More importantly, for me it means that boulangeries across Paris (and France) are selling display upon displays of galette des rois, a buttery, sweet tart filled with frangipane.

Galette des Rois
If you want to know more about galette des rois or the day itself, here are some good posts I’ve read that include some history on Fête des Rois, a backgrounder on what Frenchies do to celebrate , and even recipes:

Le Figaro – the top five galette des rois in Paris (en français)
David Lebovitz – a backgrounder and recipe
Chocolate & Zucchini – a backgrounder
La Fête des Rois Blogspot – history and traditions

I’ve been celebrating the day like a good Francophile by buying une galette des rois three days in a row now (yeah, about losing those holiday kilos…) and will be joining a Fête des Rois party in my building lobby next Sunday. I seriously have the friendliest French neighbors!

Happy Epiphany, everyone!
Fête des Rois

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