A Weekend in Amsterdam: In Video

This is about four months late, but here’s a video Rio put together of our weekend in Amsterdam back in July. If you’ve ever seen our Sri Lanka, Nice or Rome videos, then you can tell his videos have really improved. He may not be a professional, but considering he’s taught himself Final Cut Pro via random online tutorials and does this for fun, I think he’s done an amazing job!

For more Amsterdam photos and tips, click here, here and here. And for a recommendation on where to stay, here’s what I thought of Vondelview B&B.

Next video coming up? Istanbul!

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2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Amsterdam: In Video

  1. Jessie says:

    Rio’s videos are great!! How does he do it? I would love to make something similar for where I work…think Rio would do some pro bono work ?? A splashy video would sure help the website: http://dignityhousing.org/

    • Ha – you’d have to ask him! He is backlogged on videos right now. And he uses Final Cut Pro for editing – although the first couple of videos were just regular Apple iMovie editing. He shoots videos with GoPro and my little point-and-shoot too. 🙂

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