Recently on Instagram: In Florence, Tuscany & Rome

Tuscany Collage
Ok, so I’ve been really bad about posting lately. The reason being that I have been traveling and working, and just have let blogging fall to the wayside. But with August vacations over and rentrée back in full swing, I hope to be much more active. Either way, if I seem to be taking une petite pause and you feel inclined to see what I’m up to, check out my Instagram account.

Here are some Instagram photos with more detailed explanations from a recent Tuscany trip I took with one of my best friends Kristen and her husband Steve. Yes – just the three of us for a romantic getaway. You know you’ve been great friends with someone if they actually invite you to join her and her husband on a trip to Tuscany!

First row, left to right:

  • Seeing the Duomo in Florence after 13 years. The first time it was visiting my best friend Gina while we were both studying abroad – me in Paris, Gina in Florence. This time, it was with my other best friend Kristen!
  • Homemade ravioli from “Pasta Night” at the agriturismo Casa Rondini in Tuscany’s Montgabbione town.
  • A hayroll with Italian colors! I had to take a photo of this…and even made Kristen try to push this massive hayroll with me. Dang, it was heavy! And no, it did not budge an inch.

Second row, from left to right:

  • A gorgeous sunset (despite the plague of gnats in our face) on Lake Trasimeno.
  • While wandering Rome tout seul before my flight home, I visited Michaelangelo’s Moses at San Pietro in Vintroli (AKA Saint Peter in Chains church).
  • With the Colosseum only a couple blocks away from the above-mentioned church, I had to stop by for a quick peek.

More to come on my recent Tuscany and South of France trips! I swear.

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One thought on “Recently on Instagram: In Florence, Tuscany & Rome

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