Financiers from La Maison du Biscuit

La Maison du Biscuit
We’ve become friendly with one of our neighbors who happens to frequently travel to Normandy for the weekend. During one of their recent getaways, they surprised us with a box of delicious petit four “financiers” from patisserie-biscuiterie La Maison du Biscuit.

Founded in 1903 and still run by the Burnouf family after five generations, La Maison du Biscuit is apparently a household name in Normandy that serves up a signature petit four “financier”. Composed of almonds, sugar, egg whites, flour and butter, these two-bite pastries are surprisingly light and soft, yet just slightly dense…if that makes sense. Not surprisingly, I would plan to eat two along with my afternoon coffee or as breakfast, but end up adding an extra one because, honestly, you can’t stop at just two.

If you’re not planning on visiting Normandy anytime soon, you can order these petit four “financiers” and other pastries online. And if you do have a trip planned, make sure you stop by their salon de thé for une petite pause during the afternoon.

La Maison du Biscuit

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