A Weekend in Amsterdam: Day 3

Bike, anyone?
For our last day in Amsterdam, we started it off with Yellow Bike’s four-hour countryside bike tour where we explored the Waterland district north of Amsterdam. I couldn’t even tell you which towns we visited, but they were essentially tiny little villages surrounded by green plains with cows and sheep munching away. During the tour, we had a chance to climb up an unfinished bell tower and even stopped about three quarters of the way for a little beer break by the water. It was at this stop where I met two friendly dogs and their German parents who taught me how to say “good dog” in German – “fine hun”. I’m so glad we did the tour and highly recommend it as it’s a great way to see the countryside outside of Amsterdam.

Following our tour, we had lunch back in Amsterdam at a restaurant not worth mentioning and then went to Basjoe coffee shop for the rainbow cake “dessert”. As mentioned, this probably wasn’t the best idea as about an hour later, we had to catch a train back to Paris. Oh well, as Rio likes to say, we left on a “high note”.
Windmill in Amsterdam

Cows in Amsterdam Countryside
Amsterdam Countryside
Amsterdan Countryside - 2
Amsterdam CountrysideBasjoe

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2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Amsterdam: Day 3

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