A Weekend in Amsterdam: Day 2

On our first full day in Amsterdam, we woke up at the crack of dawn (which for me is 7:30am) and rushed to the Anne Frank House in an attempt to beat the infamous long line. With the streets fairly empty of tourists and locals, I thought we might actually beat the crowds. Unfortunately, the crowds were already on line and we ended up waiting an hour and a half before getting in. Luckily, we didn’t get caught in the rain like some other unlucky souls a couple hours later.
Line at Anne Frank House
After the Anne Frank house, we wandered around Dam Square and followed Rick Steve’s Jordaan walking tour. If I ever lived in Amsterdam, I think Jordaan would be the area I’d live in – the neighborhood consists of narrow streets and little canals with the perfect mix of small shops, cafés and restaurants. We ended our stroll with some apple pie at Winkel 43 and a lap around a nearby market.
Amsterdam Canal Amsterdam
Secret Courtyard
Although it looks like Rio’s entering someone’s house in the above photo, he’s actually just letting himself in to one of the secret courtyards in the Jordaan neighborhood.
Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amsterdam Market
Newly reenergized from the apple pie, we decided it was time to discover Amsterdam via bike! I’m always a bit nervous about biking in the city, but the bikes at Yellow Bike rental were all upright and  even had a smaller size for midget-sized people like myself. These bikes were so ridiculously comfortable, I’m almost tempted to buy one at the Holland Bike store by my apartment and ride around Paris like all the other chic biking Parisian girls I can only dream of being!
Yellow Bike
After our pleasant bike ride, we met up with my friend Vinnie who I hadn’t seen in at least eight years and who now lives in Amsterdam! Lucky boy. It was so nice catching up with an old friend! Post-drinks, we meandered around the Red Light District (Rio was surprised that all the girls are so umm…in your face) before heading to dinner and ending the night with a walk along the canal. It was a great day in Amsterdam and I’m so glad to have returned after 13 years!
Me and Vinnie

Amsterdam at Night

Missed Amsterdam Day 1? Here’s a link to catch up.

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Amsterdam: Day 2

  1. Jo says:

    I like to bike around new cities! I’ve only done it in San Francisco and biked the Golden Gate bridge but it was cool! I want to do it more often in new cities.

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