Les Berges de Seine

Les Berges de Paris
Last week, Rio and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a stroll along the new Les Berges de Seine (The Banks of the Seine). The Seine Riverbanks are a UNESCO World Heritage Site (who knew?!) and in an attempt to revamp the unattractive Georges Pompidou highway on the Left bank between Pont Royal and Pont Alma, Les Berges de Seine was created. Running 4.5 hectares, the space has been converted into a riverside park that combines elements of nature, sports, activities, and of course, drinks. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Want to veg out? Take a stroll along the floating garden, do some sun salutations on the Zen platform or simply lay on the sun loungers or Mikado benches whilst enjoying the riverside view. Got company? Score a game-equipped table in the YOU area and brush up on your Backgammon or Chess skills. Looking for something more private? Book a free ZZZ “container” where you can play cards, take a nap or enjoy some QT with your friends. (Unfortunately, alcohol is forbidden in the ZZZs.) Or pop a squat on “The Emmarchement” for stadium-style seating in front of Musée d’Orsay to take in the city views.

Looking to burn calories? There are nine fitness stations to help you get lose that extra wine, baguette & cheese weight. Warm up & stretch, build your biceps on a suspension beam, sprint along a 15m track or even channel your inner Tarzan on a ring and rope structure.

Got kids? Challenge them to make it through the climbing wall, have them learn about their five senses in a funky green caravan, test their Hopscotch or Labyrinth skills in the Ground Games area, or channel their inner artist on the slate chalkboard wall. If you’ve got a birthday tot, then make a free reservation at one of the “Birthday Teepees” that come complete with Mattel games so those little rascals can celebrate with friends. If they’re budding Tony Hawks, let them take a spin along the skate ramp. Although, I should note the skating ramp at Parc Clichy-Batignolles is infinitely better.

Hungry or thirsty? Whether it’s an actual restaurant for a sit-down meal, a glass (or three) of wine or a grab-and-go sandwich, you’ve got plenty of options at Les Berges. I personally enjoyed une verre de rosé at Flow while taking in a view of the gorgeous Pont Alexandre III and I couldn’t have been happier.

After you’ve relaxed, worked out, drank or babysat at Les Berges, it’ll be time to hit up Paris Plages, which opens up tomorrow! You’ve got to love all the summer events and cultural activities this gorgeous city plans.
Modern Museum
While walking to Les Berges, we passed by the Musée d’Art Moderne and came across this graffitied statue. it’s such a shame these delinquents do this! Ok…I kind of sound like an old lady, but it really is terrible.
Berges de Seine
Les Berges de Seine
Berges de Paris - 2

Berges de Seine

Berges de Seine  Flow

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