Tyler’s Pic of the Day: Après “Crying Like a Pig”

While on his forest walk today, Tyler chased a girl dog…probably in hopes of humping her.
Tyler got bit on the cheek by said dog when she wasn’t going to take any of his frisky American ways.
Tyler freaked out and “cried like a pig” for 10 seconds before pulling himself together and continuing to play in the forest.

Oui, that’s how the dogwalker basically described Tyler’s reaction post-bite. He’s fine though. Really, he is. No broken skin, no blood, nothing besides a wounded ego. He seems tired, but he usually is after three-plus hours running around Meudon Forest with a pack of 20 dogs.

With that being said, I gave him a grand bisous and an extra treat (seen below) to make up for his traumatizing experience today. Either way – don’t you think he still looks handsome after the day he had?



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