WeCab: Shared Taxi Service To/From Airport

On our most recent trips to Rome and Finland, I opted to take WeCab versus a regular G7 taxi. My experience was, for the most part, very positive. If you haven’t heard of WeCab, a division of Paris’s #1 taxi fleet Taxis G7, it’s a shared taxi service offering fixed rates to/from Aéroport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Aéroport Orly.

Anyone’s that’s taken a taxi to/from the airport in Paris knows there is always “un embouteillage” (traffic jam). That means what should typically be a 35 euro taxi ride to the airport could easily end up increasing to 50 euros or even 62 euros. Oui, c’est vrai and it’s happened to me enough times for me to give WeCab a try – especially since I’m occasionally paranoid that some taxi drivers are ripping me off  by taking longer/more trafficked routes. Here’s the process and my experience with WeCab:

  1. The online form is incredibly easy to fill out and if you prefer, comes in English as an option. Fill out what time you want to be at the airport, your contact information, select a timeframe you want the taxi to pick you up and pay online. Not only do you receive an email confirmation immediately, but after you use the service, they’ll email you a receipt as well.
  2. On the day I used WeCab, I received a text message giving me the heads-up on the exact time to expect my taxi and the model of the car so I’d know it was for me. I thought the WeCab that would pull up would look like what’s advertised on their website – white cars with the WeCab logo on it – but in fact, they’re just nice Taxis G7 cars.
  3. Out of the three times I used WeCab, there was only one other passenger in the car, so there’s no need to worry about being cramped into a small car either. And who knows – you might strike up a nice conversation with a stranger.
  4. Getting picked up at the airport? Call them the second you land (those who don’t speak French may have difficulties here), as you’ll have to wait 30 minutes for them to pick you up. The one time I did this, it took approx. 40 minutes and I was fuming and swore I’d never have them pick me up at the airport again. That is…until I looked at the meter at the end of the trip and saw that the ride would’ve cost approximately 55 euros (versus the 34 euros I prepaid) if I had taken a regular taxi.
  5. Although they text you which model/color will be your WeCab car, it can be confusing knowing which car is for you at the airport since there can be numerous “gray Toyotas”. But n’inquiétez pas. If you’re getting picked up at the airport, the driver will hold a “WeCab” sign so you know it’s for you.

My recommendation? If you’re going to the airport, I highly recommend it. If you’re getting picked up from the airport and don’t speak French – it may be best for you to skip WeCab. If you’re a local and don’t mind waiting 30 to 40 minutes for the car to arrive, that’s fine too. Overall, what I love the most about WeCab is having the peace of mind that even if there’s a major traffic jam, my taxi ride won’t end up being exorbitant and will generally cost between 29 to 34 euros. So if you’re not an RER or RoissyBus/OrlyBus to the airport type of person (because I’m not), then WeCab is a great slightly less expensive option than taking a regular taxi.

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