Drinking at… L’Ebeniste du Vin

L'Ebeniste du Vin
L'Ebeniste du Vin
I think I found a new favorite wine spot: L’Ebeniste du Vin in the Batignolles neighborhood. With wooden cabinets stocked full of wine, I used to walk by thinking it was a wine shop. Mais non, in addition to selling more than 500 bottles of wine and spirits “to go”, it’s actually also a wine bar that serves apéros like burrata salads, cheese, veggie, meat and seafood boards, and desserts like cheesecake and chocolate fondant. Atypical for a wine bar in Paris, it even serves cocktails like mojitos.

L’Ebeniste du Vin has an inviting atmosphere with convivial French chatter surrounding you, and friendly servers that are quick with a smile – a rarity in Paris. And although this slightly loft-like wine bar doesn’t have any outdoor seating, the modern design and large windows framing the length of the store lend it an airy vibe. So if you’re looking for a relaxed wine bar with locals – head to L’Ebeniste du Vin.

You can also find an Instagram video of the bar I took here.

L’Ebeniste du Vin
72 rue Boursault / 17th arrondissement
Métro: 13 @ La Fourche or Brochant / 2 @ Rome
Tél: 01 42 28 80 43
**Closed Sundays & Mondays.

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