Fun. in Concert

Thursday night, Rio and I went to our first concert in Paris. The band? Fun.!

If you don’t know indie-pop band Fun., then you’re either really old, really young (like under 10 years old) or living under a rock…a big rock. With a style that’s a mix between Queen and Weezer, two of their most popular songs are We Are Young (which was played during a Chevy Super Bowl commercial back in 2012) and Some Nights. The concert was amazing! Rio and I were so impressed by the band’s lead singer Nate Ruess – the guy could seriously be on Broadway. What a voice! What a performer!
Fun. at l'Olympia
The concert took place at l’Olympia, and um, just to warn anyone ever going here during the summer… it is not air conditioned (probably because it was built in 1882). Imagine nearly 2000 people in June’s heat and humidity, and not only is the air scented with the refreshing smell of body odor, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was also a hotbed of germs as the girl next to me continued to cough throughout the night. Regardless, it was such a great concert and I am still obsessively listening to the Fun. album while typing away right now.

Here’s Nate of Fun. talking to the audience. Looks like they’ll be making a new album soon…and will be sure to be back in Paris!

The concert ended with an encore performance of All Alright. Love this song, and love how the band walked off the stage while letting the audience finish singing the last lyrics of the song. I wish I had been able to record it, but sadly my iPhone storage was full. Below is a YouTube video I found where the band performed the song though, so I hope you check it out and end up loving the band as much as I do. Bonne écoute!

**First image courtesy of American Songwriter.

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One thought on “Fun. in Concert

  1. I absolutely love this band! Too bad none of my friends know what good music is so I wouldn’t have anyone to go to a concert with :/

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