Fête de la Musique 2013

Sometimes you forget how quickly the year has gone by until you start seeing promotions for events you went to the year before. That’s exactly how I felt when ads for France’s annual Fête de la Musique started popping up all over the city, news and blogosphere. I still remember hearing the music streaming through our windows last June and Rio and I wandering outside wondering what was going on. Pleasantly surprised to find a group of people rocking out to a pop-up band, we ended up drinking beers and enjoying the music at Place de Lévis along with our fellow Frenchie neighbors.

Launched back in 1982, Fête de la Musique is a free music festival that takes place every summer solstice. From Jardin des Tuileries and Musée du Louvre to l’Église Saint-Augustin and the corner around your apartment, amateur and professional bands pop up all over Paris (and the rest of Europe) and you get to listen to music for free.

Here’s a list from l’Officiel des Spectacles of all the concerts taking place throughout Paris separated by arrondissement.

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