Sunday Snapshots in Paris

When you are deprived from sunshine, it is mandatory to maximize your time outdoors when the weather is actually nice in Paris. Sunday was one of those days. After training for the 10km l’Equipe race Sunday morning, I dragged Rio to Le Bloc café in the Batignolles for lunch, then took Tyler for a nice long stroll along Pont Alexandre III (approx. 30 minute walk chez nous), and then a picnic dinner date at our beloved Parc Monceau. It might not have been as relaxing as Rio had hoped for, mais il faut profiter le soleil!
Pont Alexandre III
Champs Elysees
This was a sponsored bike ride called 24h Vélib where people could ride free vélibs (city bike sharing system) and pledge how many laps they’d bike around a section of the Champs-Élysées. The goal was to bike 25,000km in 24 hours so that the government would then make donations to three charities. This city really comes up with the most random events, but I’m glad that at least this was for charity.
Free Wifi Pour Les Filles Parisian Building
Pretty Porte
J’adore the doors in Paris.
Lovers in Parc Monceau
Lovers in Parc Monceau.
Monceau Metro DSC_0865

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