Versailles Masquerade Ball – Oh Quelle Nuit (et Jour)!

Me and Rio at Versailles
Oh là là là là là là – that is all I have to say about the Versailles Masquerade Ball (AKA Le Grand Bal Masqué de Kamel Ouali). We arrived at 11pm, just in time to catch the beginning of the fireworks seen above and take some photos. Then, once midnight hit, the party began…all the way till 7am which culminated in a breakfast dance party! There were tigers (one who tried to lunge at us because Robin was giving him the stink-eye!), a buxom nude lady reading in a fountain, a modern dance performance in which a naked couple danced très provocatively in a bathtub, winged stilt-walkers, an S&M wet-and-wild waterfall dance, and more! Wow. It will definitely be a night I will never, ever forget.

Here are some photos of this spectacular night. Rio will (hopefully) be finishing un petit vidéo of the festivities so you’ll be able to really see what an experience it was.
Me and Rio
Fireworks at Versailles
Versailles Masquerade Ball
Versailles Masquerade Ball Performances
Versailles Masquerade Ball
I think the above photo basically sums up the night. Lots of dancing, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company amongst new and old friends.
Versailles Masquerade Ball
Versailles Masquerade Ball
et Madames.
Me and Robin
We’re twinkling!
Versailles Masquerade Ball - Morning
Versailles Masquerade Ball - Morning
And we made it to breakfast!! Last ones standing out of a group of 20!

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