Shopping for a Masquerade Ball at Versailles

Yup, that’s what I did yesterday. For the past two years, the Château de Versailles has thrown a Masquerade Ball where you arrive at midnight dressed up in  full costume and mask, and dance in the Versailles royal gardens until dawn, at which point you are ushered into the Ballroom Grove for a last dance and breakfast. This year, the Masquerade Ball, officially called The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Quali, will be taking place on the night of Friday, June 14.

So far there are 16 in our group going, which means there will be quite a number of us riding the RER (the equivalent of the LIRR) in loud 18th century attire à la Marie Antoinette. Personally, I am going to be wearing a ridiculous red velvet flower-covered ballgown complete with a gold glittered mask and perhaps a white-painted face (with mole, naturally), and maybe even a wig if I can stand it.

Tickets start at 70 euros (60 euros if you’re a group of 10 or more) and can be bought here.

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek at my bootylicious ballgown. I found mine at Sommier and it ended up costing around 93 euros (including alterations). Um, and for the record, there is a huge U-shaped pillow around my waist, not unlike those neck pillows people wear on airplanes; that is definitely not the size of my butt!
Masquerade Ballgown
And if you decide to join, here are a few other stores you can find a rental costume (courtesy of my friend Lindsey’s research!):

Arlequin Sommier
Au Fou Rire
Déguise Toi
Costume Sur Seine

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2 thoughts on “Shopping for a Masquerade Ball at Versailles

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  2. This event sounds great – will be attending one in November!

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