French Phrase of the Day: J’ai fait un bad trip.

French Phrase of the Day: I drank too much (but worse).

My neighbor taught me this phrase when trying to explain why the movie Hangover 3 is called Very Bad Trip in Paris.  Apparently, that’s what Frenchies say when they’ve drank (or done other things) and things have gotten too wild.

So this might be an appropriate term to share because that’s kind of what happened to me and Rio on Saturday. It was a nearly perfect weekend as Friday, I celebrated “La Fête des Voisins” and then had a double date dinner with our friends who happen to be a Count and Countess. Seriously!! And not like the type of Count where you buy the title (apparently you can do that), but a real-life Count from an old family bloodline. They’re the most fun, down-to-earth people, and for the record, they don’t make me call them Count and Countess or even broadcast their “lineage” unlike Countess LuAnn on The Real Housewives of New York. Ha! Below is a picture of the chef where we had dinner and the Countess’s dog. One of the things I love about Paris is you can bring your dog practically anywhere!
Le Coin Chef & Dog
On Saturday, we had planned a picnic at Parc Monceau with friends and due to what seemed to be oncoming rain, we ended up back at my apartment. Thus, proceeded lots of dancing, drinking and fun…perhaps too much fun! Well, let’s just say not that much food, a lot of wine, whiskey and a really nasty Taiwanese sake-style drink resulted in a day of recovery on Sunday. It was all in good fun though and despite Sunday being spent laying on the couch feasting on croissant-wiches (yes, that was plural), Cheetos and Raisinettes, it was a perfect weekend.
Friends on Balcony
Here’s a photo earlier of some of us on our balcony earlier on in the night.

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