Sunset in Paris

Despite the recent dreary weather in Paris, one of the perks of living here during the spring and summer is that the sun doesn’t set until nearly 10pm. Oui, c’est vrai. Although I love having more daylight, it can throw you off on when to eat dinner as it’s still light outside. 10pm quickly approaches without you even realizing it and then merde, you still have to make dinner! Anyways, I digress yet again.

Here are some pics of my balcony as the sun faded to darkness last night. This was taken around 9:30pm. I couldn’t get the true lighting of the clouds correctly without darkening the rest of the shot – so just imagine the clouds of the second pic in the first pic and that’s what it truly looked like. Sorry – the iPhone can only do so much!
My Balcony
In case you’re wondering why I have a garbage bag on my table, it’s because of those pesky pigeons! This weekend, we’ll be heading to Castorama to pick up “des piques” – little pikes our neighbors said you can use to ward off pigeons and their nasty poop.
My Balcony

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2 thoughts on “Sunset in Paris

  1. OK, I have terrible apartment envy. That looks like huge balcony! Mine are tiny balconettes, but I do get full sun until 9:30 pm at this time of year!

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