Eating at… Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter
One of the restaurants that’s been on my list to try is Mama Shelter. With friends in town last weekend, we went at the suggestion of my first Frenchie friend Madeleine who had been there quite a few times.

For clarity, this is a hotel restaurant. Upon entering, you pass by the hotel’s pizzeria “Mama Pizzeria” before coming upon the hostess for the restaurant/bar. Designed by Philippe Stark, the place resembles a lounge with eclectic furniture and chalkboard ceilings displaying various quotes. I liked the quote that was above our table, seen in the photo above.

Le matin, je ne mange pas, je pense à toi; à midi, je ne mange pas, je pense à toi; le soir, je ne mange pas, je pense à toi; la nuit, je ne dors pas, j’ai faim.

In the morning, I don’t eat, I think of you; in the afternoon, I don’t eat, I think of you; in the evening, I don’t eat, I think of you; at night, I don’t sleep, I’m hungry.

So should you go or not? Well, if it’s a scene you’re looking for, this is the perfect place to grab a meal and drinks with friends. If you’re hungering for really good food…meh, you might want to look elsewhere. I had a good burrata to start; however the flavors of the main ravioli dish were just plain off. Also, since this is a hotel restaurant, you will be surrounded by tourists. When we first arrived at 9pm, there seemed to be quite a few tourists, but as the night progressed, the majority seemed to be Frenchies. There are other Mama Shelter locations in Marseille, Istanbul, Lyon and it’ll be in LA soon.

Mama Shelter
109 rue de Bagnolet
20th arrondissement
Métro: 3 @ Rue Saint-Maur / 2 or 3 @ Père Lachaise

Tél: 01 43 48 48 48
Facebook / Twitter @mama_shelter

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One thought on “Eating at… Mama Shelter

  1. Faye Bullock says:

    I’ve been meaning to try their cocktails here as I’d heard really good things about them, glad to have read this post before I do go. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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