Reunited & It Feels So Good!

Cynthia & Les
As mentioned, this past weekend Cynthia, my old roomie from my Paris study abroad days and Simply Cyn blogger (AKA Addicted2Etsy), came to visit with her hottie husband Les. Sorry, Cyn – it needs to be said because it’s true and everyone should see know. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any risqué shots of him (pas pour moi, but for the readers!), but there’s always next time.

Anyways! Despite the persistent Parisian rain, we had a great two and a half days eating and getting stamps in our Heures Heureuses passports (see below for a few restaurant recommendations), catching up and even visiting our old apartment building where poor Les was then subjected to taking a photo shoot of the two of us.
Me and Cynthia Jumping - 5.2013
Yup, photos like this. I’m really into jumping and making other people jump with me for photos lately. (This pic was taken by Les.)

17 rue de la Forge Royale Rue de la Forge Royale
Our old apartment building in the now très branché 11th arrondissement. The area by the apartment is still a bit gritty, but not as much as it was 13 years ago.
Les Heures Heureuses Bites
Here are a few of my favorites from Les Heures Heureuses (clockwise from top left) – each for a mere 2 euros:

44 rue Trousseau / Tél: 09 53 57 58 18
We had a delicious truffle, mushroom and cheese pizza. However, it would’ve been better if the pizza were hot and the service friendlier (the guy who “helped” us was kind of weird). If I were in the 11th and craving some pizza, I’d definitely stop by here.

86 rue Lemercier / Tél: 01 46 28 71 12
Specializing in seafood, Atao is one of my favorite restaurants in the Batignolles area. I’ve been meaning to write a proper review about them forever, but for now this will have to do.

Tartes Kluger
15 rue Trousseau / Tél: 01 53 01 53 53
We saved these delicious chocolate mini tarts for the next day and they didn’t disappoint! Situated in a loft-like space in the North Marais, this little bakery also has a food truck and serves brunch. I will definitely be back!

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