From the Vatican Post with Love

Vatican Postcard
Look what Tyler got in the mail today! A postcard we sent to him from the Vatican Post during our trip to Rome. I know…I’m a dork. But we were he was really excited when he got it.

Vatican Postcard Mailing
Here we are mailing postcards to Tyler, Rio’s mom and my parents. I know Rio’s mom will be super-excited to receive it…my mom will probably say to my dad, “Where is this from?! They’re always traveling!” 🙂

If you’re wondering how to mail from the Vatican, here are some must-knows:

  • All items must have Vatican postage – no bringing your own Italian stamps (although – I doubt any of us tourists would do that anyway).
  • There are two Vatican Post Office locations in Saint Peter’s Square – along the Charlemagne Wing (left side) and just beyond the colonnades on the right side. There’s also a Post Office in the Vatican Museum.
  • When you get to the post office, first buy your post card/envelope from the sales desk and fill them out. Then, head to another sales desk (generally salespeople sitting behind a wooden barricaded window area) so you can purchase the appropriate postage. After that, head outside and snap a photo of you mailing straight from the Vatican Post comme moi.
  • Closed on Sundays. Some more info on opening times here.



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