La Fête des Voisins – Time to Party with the Neighbors

Apparently this Friday is “La Fête des Voisins” AKA “Neighbors’ Day”. I know this because I bumped into a bunch of my neighbors in the lobby today while they were discussing the organization of said party. At first I thought it was just someone’s bonne idée to plan a soirée for the building, but nope…it’s because there’s an actual “holiday” to celebrate your neighbors.

Started in 1999, the idea was conceived to “break the isolation of the residents of a building, street, neighborhood or even city” and takes place on the last Friday of May. During this potluck meal (or most likely apéros), you’re supposed to share wine and simply a good time with fellow neighbors – just like a block party I’d imagine. I didn’t think an actual holiday for this existed in the US, but after a quick google search, I was proved wrong. There is, in fact, a “National Neighborhood Day” that takes place on the third Sunday of September. Who knew?!

Either way, I’m looking forward to spending some QT with my lovely neighbors and hope you get to too no matter where you live. After all, there is a World Neighbor’s Day. Did I mention that the last time I had apéros with my neighbors chez moi, the one pregnant lady ended up going into labor an hour after she left (umm, at 2am) and her husband had to drive to the hospital slightly intoxicated?! Ahhh oui, c’est une histoire vrai. Thank goodness all went well.

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2 thoughts on “La Fête des Voisins – Time to Party with the Neighbors

  1. […] was “La Fête des Voisins“, which meant each neighbor brought un petit apéro to celebrate in our small building […]

  2. […] happened to me and Rio on Saturday. It was a nearly perfect weekend as Friday, I celebrated “La Fête des Voisins” and then had a double date dinner with our friends who happen to be a Count and Countess. […]

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