The Pope!! The Pope!!

While in Rome for the long weekend, Rio and I decided to see Saint Peter’s Basilica on Sunday. We knew Sunday Mass would be happening, but we didn’t think we’d actually be there during that exact time, nor did we expect to see Pope Francis there. But, the Pope we saw!! Apparently it was Pentecostal Mass, which is why it was a “Papal Mass” in Saint Peter’s Square that day. Wow – what an experience. The crowd. The excitement. The Pope!!

Here are some photos of Pope Francis we were able to take…he’s quite the smiling man. Pope John Paul I was known as “The Smiling Pope”…perhaps, we should call Pope Francis “The Happy Pope”.
Pope Francis
Saint Peter's Basilica
Trying to find the Pope through all these tall people.
The Crowd
The crowd of people. Mama mia!
Pope Francis
Here’s a link for more information on the Papal Mass. and here’s a calendar of when and where Papal Masses are held.

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4 thoughts on “The Pope!! The Pope!!

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