Les Heures Heureuses: A Foodie Happy Hour Throughout Paris

Heures Heureuses Passports
Today kicks off the second edition of “Les Heures Heureuses de Paris“, a gourmet happy hour that allows you to indulge in 2 euro bites in 180 participating restaurants throughout Paris. Armed with a big appetite and a free “passport” that maps out the restaurants by neighborhood,  you might discover a new favorite spot while restaurant-hopping and nomming on everything from mini beef tartares and spider crab to a chorizo muffin and even bubble tea – each for a mere two euros! With my old Paris study abroad roommate Cynthia from the fabulous Addicted2Etsy blog in town this weekend, you know what we’ll be doing!

Heures Heureuses Passport
Les Heures Heureuses FAQ:

  • Runs from May 22 to May 24; 5:30pm to 9:30pm
  • There are approximately 15 restaurants for each of the 12 itineraries (or arrondissements).
  • Pick up your “passport” at Hôtel de Ville or your local mairie. Just google “mairie du (enter your arrondissement)” to find the location and hours. You can also pick up a passport at any of the participating restaurants.
  • You must have a passport to participate in Les Heures Heureuses.
  • Questions? Les Heures Heureuses social media team are pretty good about responding on Twitter: @heuresheureuses

Bon app!

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One thought on “Les Heures Heureuses: A Foodie Happy Hour Throughout Paris

  1. […] the persistent Parisian rain, we had a great two and a half days eating and getting stamps in our Heures Heureuses passports, catching up and even visiting our old apartment building where poor Les was then subjected to […]

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