Miroir d’Eau in Bordeaux

Miroir d'Eau
One of my favorite landmarks in Bordeaux was the Miror d’Eau. Situated by Place de la Bourse (the stock exchange) and the river, this fountain would fill up with two centimeters of water every few minutes to create a mirror effect. You can tell it’s a popular area as every time we passed by there were tons of locals and tourists enjoying romping around the water. We circled back here a couple times as it was right by our hotel and made for some good people-watching.

If you ever visit and want to take a picture, the best way to get a “mirror” effect for photos is to wait for the water to be nearly drained so the wind won’t blow the water about.
Miroir d'Eau
Quite the talent here.
Miroir d'Eau
Lots of kiddies enjoying the water.
Miror d'Eau at Night - 2
Miroir d’Eau à nuit.

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