Nice Weekend Getaway: A Video

Last weekend, Rio and I went to Nice for a little weekend getaway. It was our first time in the South of France and even though the weather wasn’t necessarily warmer than Paris, it was still un parfait petit week-end. Leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday afternoon left us ample time to not only see Nice, but we were also able to take the one euro bus (oui, only one euro!) to Villefranche-sur-Mer for a morning visit and delicious lunch at Les Garçons, and then hop on over to Monaco for the afternoon and early evening.

Here’s a video Rio made of our vacation – apparently, his latest hobby.

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2 thoughts on “Nice Weekend Getaway: A Video

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  2. […] Rio put together of our weekend in Amsterdam back in July. If you’ve ever seen our Sri Lanka, Nice or Rome videos, then you can tell his videos have really improved. He may not be a professional, […]

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