Scenes from London: Day 1

Here are some photos from a long weekend getaway to meet up with my American friends a couple of weeks ago. It also turned out to be a scouting trip for my impending move to London next year.
St. Paul's Cathedral
Rio in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was right by our hotel.
Millenium Bridge
Our view while walking along Millenium Bridge – a pedestrian-only suspension bridge that used to be called “wobbly bridge” because it swayed so badly. Turns out, this walk along the bridge was recommended in a travel article from The New York Times this weekend.
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge peeking through the end of the street.
Tower Bridge
And then up close.
Paw Prints on Tower Bridge
Painted paw prints to direct our four-footed friends on Tower Bridge. Tyler may be following these footsteps next year.
Gums & Butts
Probably the reason London is cleaner than Paris.
Group Shot
(Grainy) Shot of Rio and I with Brooklyn friends Lindsay and Brad at Polpo Soho who were in town (and one of the reasons I made the trip to London).
London at Night
London at night.

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2 thoughts on “Scenes from London: Day 1

  1. Ooh are you excited to move to London? It’s different from pretty much anywhere – I’m from North East England but sometimes it feels like I’ve moved to another planet!
    Also cool photos. And I always wanted to live in Paris 🙂

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