A Blind Blogger Date

I consider myself very lucky to have such amazing friends and colleagues who went out of their way to introduce me to their Paris-based friends when I first announced my move here. Have I mentioned I literally only knew one person when I came here last spring?? Well, after quite a few initial “blind friend dates” as we expats like to call them, and my own American persistence of befriending people, I’m happy to say I’ve made a great group of friends and have a social calendar that rivals the one I had in New York. Hooray!

Well, yesterday, I went on my very first “blind blogger date”. Yes, seriously. I follow quite a few Paris blogs and happened to comment on one called Will She Love Paris? a while ago when looking for some Rome vacation tips. After a little back and forth, the blogger Grace asked me out for coffee. I quickly sent an email to my besties letting them know about the plans and the blog name just in case I ended up in the Parisian sewers, but thankfully, I’m alive and well. Haha. No, the coffee date with Grace ended up going really well actually and I’m glad to no longer be a “blind blogger date virgin”. Hmm – that probably doesn’t sound good. Anyways, it was another adventure to have experienced in my expat life and the bonus was I made a new friend out of it!

Coffee with fWill She Love Paris
Here we are enjoying some coffee at Kooka Boora – an Australian coffee shop in the trendy South Pigalle area. When I suggested the place, I didn’t even realize Grace was Australian! They have good coffee (iced ones too) and a good number of seats en terrasse – so it’s perfect for this slowly warming weather.

Kooka Boora
62 rue des Martyrs
9th arrondissement
Métro: 2 or 12 @ Pigalle
Open every day (yes, seriously!)

Reviews of Kooka Boora
Unlock Paris
David Lebovitz
Le Fooding

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4 thoughts on “A Blind Blogger Date

  1. buahahha you are fabulous AND hilarious!! It was so lovely to meet you and we must do it again very soon xxx

  2. Little Pieces of Light says:

    This is hilarious. Hooray to blind blogger dates! And welcome to Paris, miss former New Yorker. 🙂 We have that bit in common!



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