French Phrase of the Day: Profiter du Soleil

Parc Monceau
French Phrase of the Day: Enjoy the sunshine!

With the weather a whopping 75 degrees yesterday, that’s exactly what I did! Instead of an indoor boozy lunch date, Robin and I headed to my beloved Parc Monceau for an afternoon picnic. Four hours later, we finally added some color to our pale Parisian bodies and also downed two bottles of rosé along with a healthy spread of baguette, cheese, fruit and veggies.
Our Picnic Spread

Me and Robin
Don’t we look one shade tanner?? Yeah… maybe not.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the grass in Parc Monceau, so Tyler wasn’t able to enjoy the sunny outdoors during our picnic. Needless to say, I had a major case of dog mommy guilt. So once I got back, I grabbed my little bugaboo and we headed off to… oui, Parc Monceau again! I seriously am there every day. After a stroll around the park, we plopped down on a bench to do some people-watching and ended up chatting with a Frenchie on the neighboring bench. Après ça, Ty and I continued to walk around the neighborhood, meeting up with his dog friend Alex Sarkozy (yes, that’s really the name of the dog) at his dad’s bar. Did I mention that Alex is a five-time champion dog? Yes, his owner showed me the records while Alex and Ty played in the bar.
Alex Sarkozy
Alex was nice enough to accompany Tyler down the block after we left.

Next stop was the local apéros bar Olives et Cacahuètes to say “bonsoir” to the owner and waitress Sistine. It was a bit packed, so we decided not to have an evening drink there. After our two hour balade dans le quartier, we headed back home and reflected on what a wonderful day it was.
Me and Tyler
J’espère que vous vous profitez du soleil aussi!

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