French Phrase of the Day: Je suis de bonne humeur.

French Phrase of the Day: I’m in a good mood.
(Not to be confused with “humour”, which means humor.)

It’s amazing what a little sunshine and productivity can do for your mood! The day started out drizzling, but by the afternoon, the sun was shining and everyone was out enjoying the warmth. On top of the good weather, I finally received Rio’s new debit card after eight months of dealing with horrid HSBC and even restarted my French lessons… also after nearly nine months of waiting to hear back from HR. Ahhh, la vie française.

A fellow expat once said if you can accomplish just one thing a day in France, consider yourself very, very lucky! You don’t know how true that is here.

Plus, these new flowers on my balcony also make me happy…
Flowers on Balcony

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