Speaking “British”

While reading this, imagine me saying everything in a British accent in your head. Ok, maybe not.

Here are a few completely random British pronunciations and terms I learned as I headed to London this past weekend:

Double Barrel = Hyphenating your last names. i.e. If your last name is Smith and your partner’s name is Rogers and you wanted to “double barrel” it, it’d be “Smith-Rogers”.
Pedophile = Pronounced “PEE-doh-file”
Urinal = Pronounced “your-RYE-nul”
Whilst = Pronounced “WILE-st”
Models on 1st and 2nd Floors! New Models! = Code for prostitutes on 1st and 2nd floors. And new prostitutes. You’ll see many of these signs in the grittier SoHo area.

And sadly, Brits don’t really say: crikey or cheerio.

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One thought on “Speaking “British”

  1. […] onion sandwich at Borough Market in London. All in the name of love for grilled cheese… or in British-speak, a “toasted cheese […]

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