Eating at… Les Grandes Bouches

The first day I arrived in Paris last year, Rio told me about a cute neighborhood restaurant called Les Grandes Bouches that we’d have dinner at that night. When we arrived and looked at the menu, I noticed there wasn’t anything vegetarian – not even a salad. No worries, I said. Maybe they can put something together for me – after all, there were vegetable ingredients in the dishes, so how hard could it be? Umm – no, they couldn’t. So we got up and left. On my first night in Paris. Oy.

I quickly learned that whenever phoning to make a reservation in Paris, to always ask if they have anything vegetarian. Sometimes they say no and that’s that.

Well, since I’ve recently started eating some white fish, I decided to check out the menu at Les Grandes Bouches again and see if there was anything I’d be able to eat this time around. And luckily, yes! Oh – and they also had a salad to boot!

If you’re in the Batignolles-Monceau area, I recommend checking out Les Grandes Bouches. It’s an intimate bistrot with approximately 12 tables, friendly service, good French food featuring fresh market ingredients, and a local French clientele. Oh – and did I mention they serve absinthe? Yes, Rio partook in that… while I looked on wondering if the green fairy would make an appearance for him.
Absinthe at Les Grandes BouchesSpeaking of absinthe, if you’re interested in purchasing any to enjoy chez toi, Vert d’Absinthe in the Marais was the first boutique dedicated to solely selling absinthe.

Les Grandes Bouches

78 rue de Lévis
17th arrondissement
Métro: Villiers
Tél: 01 43 80 40 36
Facebook  /  Twitter (@grandesbouches)


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