Music I’m Loving: Awkwafina

I read about Awkwafina on New York magazine’s recently redesigned “The Cut” column. I was all ready to be offended based on the article’s title “Can an Asian Woman be Taken Seriously in Rap”, but I’m so glad I read the article and watched the music video. Love her. And I loved her line about how she only had Margaret Cho and Lucy Liu to look up to because “that was it” in terms of Asian American “celebrities”. So true. Now, watch the video.

And here’s her “My Vag” video, which apparently was a hit with feminist media outlets. I just think it’s hilarious and like the lines and the beat.

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One thought on “Music I’m Loving: Awkwafina

  1. Cynthia says:

    love her. She’s got mad flow, I got L. feeling her too. The Vag track is hilarious, I think its a response track to Mickey Avalons My D&@k. anyhoo, thanks for share, I’m gonna have to snatch this up and reblog.

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