Party Update (And My Party Menu)

When I first moved to Paris, one of the first girls I met generously invited me to join her Wine Club/book club group. I was hesitant at first since I don’t really do the book club thing, but in the quest to make friends (since at the time I had literally two), I went to a June event and am happy to say I am glad I’m now “in the club”.

We went through about 15 bottles of wine. When in France...

We went through about 15 bottles of wine. When in France…

Each month, one of the girls hosts the group at her home for the night and it basically consists of drinking copious amounts of wine, eating some apéros and just catching up. I think there was literally only one time where a book was involved. So since I love throwing parties, I offered to host March the other night and I think it went well! At least I hope it went well. I was running a bit behind schedule in preparations, which was very unlike me, but it ended up being ok (thank you Brooke for helping me as I scrambled around like a madwoman in the beginning!). I was also worried the whole time the neighbors were going to call the cops since 30 girls chatting can be quite noisy… but thank god they didn’t.
Wine Club
I wish I had taken a photo of the food, but sadly, it completely slipped my mind in my rush to get everything ready. Here’s a link to my menu in case you’re looking for some party food ideas. The spinach feta puffs were a HUGE hit, so if you’re going to make anything out of those recipes, I recommend that one.

Marta and Wine Club virgins Robin, Brooke and Kasia. I think the group is growing!

Wine Club virgins Marta, Robin, Brooke and Kasia. I think the group is growing!

Near 1am, the partiers of the group decided to move on from wine and we opened up a bottle of…

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