New Public Relations Client: 9SPR for Hang w/

While at XO Group Inc., I had the opportunity to work with a number of PR firms and publicists who often wanted us to feature their clients in upcoming TV segments and interviews. Katie Hammond of 9SPR is one of those publicists that I could always count on when calling in products for… and well, she recently hired me to specifically work on a new client called Hang w/!

Hang w/

So what’s Hang w/? Launched by MEDL Mobile, Hang w/ is the first-ever iPhone app to allow live real-time video to be sent from one phone to many, enabling people around the globe to connect, communicate and share experiences via live streaming broadcasts. At the end and beginning of each live broadcast, a short ad will show up, offering  celebrities and public figures an additional way to monetize their fan base. Any user can be a broadcaster and/or a follower, and they’ll also be able to send messages directly from the app to Facebook and Twitter as events happen live.

The Hang w/ app is available on iTunes and just launched yesterday. Yes, yesterday! Here’s a link to the press release that went out and a little preview video. So I hope you take a look at it and see if you’ll add it to your bag of social media platforms.

Hang w/ on iTunes

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One thought on “New Public Relations Client: 9SPR for Hang w/

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