Eating In… Reykjavik, Iceland

The Grill Market in Reykjavik.

The Grill Market in Reykjavik.

With only four nights in Reykjavik and a pescatarian and vegetarian in the group, deciding which restaurants to make dinner reservations at for our recent Iceland Girls’ Getaway was a bit hard. After culling the top-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor, I ended up going through the menus of all the top restaurant contenders, running it by the group and making reservations before we got to Reykjavik. Unlike in Paris, it’s incredibly easy to make reservations via email, so there was no need to call internationally. Here’s a really brief recap of the restaurants we had dinner at:

Night #1: SNAPS Bistro Bar
Since we had reservations to check out the Northern Lights on our first night, we had to grab an early dinner at 5:30pm, senior citizen-style. So we opted for a more casual bistro-style restaurant. This was probably my least favorite, although the rest of the group seemed to enjoy it. My cheese souffle came out fallen, and the mushroom open-faced sandwich was so salty, it was almost inedible. I do not recommend.

Night #2: The Grill Market
By far, the favorite of the group. Don’t go to Reykjavik without making a reservation here! Since I started eating some fish recently, I had the monkfish and it was the best fish dish I had in Iceland. The bread also came with butter and this lava salt that you can buy at the restaurant… which we all did. I highly recommend.

Night #3: Fishmarkadurinn (The Fish Market)
This restaurant had more of an Icelandic-Asian fusion menu, so it was nice that we had a slightly different cuisine from the night before. They also automatically “surprise” you with a complimentary amuse-bouche and glass of sparkling wine, which was nice. I had tempura vegetables to start and it was really good considering I generally don’t like tempura. The cod dish was good, although looking back, not that memorable. I know that one of the girls liked the cocktails here the best. I wouldn’t recommend getting the vegetable spring rolls – apparently it was pretty gross. I recommend it.

Night #4: Sjavargrillid
Out of all the restaurants, I have to say that the actual table size for our group of six here was the best. At The Grill Market, the table was so expansive, that we all felt a bit far from each other. At The Fish Market, the table was really more suitable for a group of four. At Sjavargrillid, on our last night, this was the perfect seating for us to comfortably enjoy each other’s company. As for the food and service, both were good although not as memorable as The Grill Market.I do have to say that the salad starter was really good – better than the salad I had at The Grill Market. Plus, the vegetarian of the group thought the vegetarian organic barley dish was amazing – even better than the “peanut steak” at The Grill Market. I recommend it.

As for lunch, we ended up randomly grabbing a healthy sandwich and smoothie at a café called Happ. The service was definitely spotty (they forgot a girl’s order) but the food was good and a nice change of pace from the heavy dinners we kept indulging in.

And in case you missed it, here’s the link to the post on our full Iceland itinerary.

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