Finally, A Good, Non-Traumatizing Massage in Paris

King Thai La Perle d'Or
Today, I decided to treat myself to a Thai massage. Not only did I have a pretty tough upper body workout yesterday and was really sore, but I’ve been running around all week, and most importantly… because I just won a new client! Hooray! More details on that later but it’s a completely modernized coupon comparison site called Chippmunk and is going to be HUGE.

So, after trying out two different massage places in my neighborhood, the first of which was a really embarrassing experience, I figured I’d give King Thai – La Perle d’Or a try. For 50 euros, I got a traditional Thai massage that wasn’t like any other massages I’ve had in the past – and I get a lot of massages. At one point I was about to tell the lady “un peu doucement svp”, until I opened my eyes and realized she was walking on my legs and back! For the record, she was tiny, thank goodness. They gave me a carte de la fidélité that’ll allow me to have an hour-long massage at the rate of 50 euros any time I go, and I’m definitely going to be using it. For the record, all their masseuses are Thai and licensed (in Thailand anyway).

King Thai La Perle d’Or
119 rue Cardinet
17th arrondissement
Tél: 01 42 67 57 54
**And here’s a link to the massage menu.

**Update on November 2013: I returned two more times to King Thai La Perle d’Or and I no longer recommend them. Although the Thai massage is good, the one-hour massages are really only like 45 minutes long. They consistently start late and then end early. When I asked the front desk about this, they said oh – well, we give you five minutes to undress, and five minutes to get dressed within the hour. Well – even if that were the case, the last two times I received massages here, I still didn’t receive 50 minutes’ worth. Don’t go!

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