Eating At… Café Pinson


Dessert options at Café Pinson.

Today, I had a “healthy” lunch at vegan spot Café Pinson with a couple girlfriends. There’s been tons of press about Café Pinson lately, so I was worried I’d have high expectations and be a bit disappointed, but it completely surpassed expectations. The décor is modern and feels a bit like you’re in someone’s apartment. Think wicker scoop chairs, light brick walls and comfortable sofas… or were they futons? The service is très slow (but friendly) and you have to order at the counter… but hey, it’s France.

They have a formule during the week where for only 17 euros, you get an entrée, plat chaud and dessert. Umm – talk about a good deal! It looks like the entrée options are usually a salad, tart or soup, and the dessert options are a tart, madeleines, pudding, brownie or compote. I had some sort of broccoli/cauliflower salad (delicious!), risotto main plate (good) and a trio of madeleines (very good). Oh – and we might’ve had two bottles of wine to balance out the healthiness of the rest of the meal.

Café Pinson
6 rue du Forez
3rd Arrondissement
Métro: 3 @ Temple, 3 or 11 @ Arts et Métiers

Tél: 09 83 82 53 53
**They only take reservations on Sundays.

Some recent press reviews from other bloggers:

Mimi ordering at the counter.

Mimi ordering at the counter.

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