Scenes from a Parisian Party

I’m always so impressed by the parties and dinners thrown in Paris. Over the summer, I went to a dinner party where the host ended up having a chef from Easter Island cook an eight course dinner, and just last night, I went to a Fashion Week soirée complete with a trunk show, band and cabaret dancer. All this just makes me feel way too intimidated to have Frenchies over chez moi. I guess I’ll just always have to say it’s “American style” when I do.
One Man Banned
Rob Armus of One Man Banned played the saxophone and guitar throughout the night.

Les Apéros
The vegetarian spread because the hosts keep kosher. It was so nice not to have to keep asking the waiter, “Est-ce que végétarien?”

Brian Scott Bagley
And the highlight of the night was definitely song & dance man Brian Scott Bagley who did a Josephine Baker rendition of the danse banane. So talented and also incredibly nice. He performs at Pigalle too, so if you’re looking for some evening plans, check him out!

Brian Scott Bagley at Théâtre la Cible
62 rue Jean-Baptiste
9th arrondissement
Métro: 2 or 12 @ Pigalle
*Every Sunday at 9:30pm. Tickets are 16 euros

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