Bag Painting Workshop (& Sweets!) With Kasia Dietz

This morning, I headed to cupcake shop Sugar Daze for a bag painting workshop hosted by handbag designer Kasia Dietz. If you haven’t heard of Kasia, she makes hand-painted, reversible canvas totes and accessories that are sold in Paris, England and Greece. My personal favorites are the Untitled Bag and the Rive Droite bag.

So when Kasia invited me to a bag painting workshop where not only would we be able to make our own bags under her tutelage, but we’d get to indulge in some cupcakes, I said, “Um, hell yeah!”

Here are some photos from this morning. And I also have to mention that the cupcakes at Sugar Daze were delicious. I had the “Lucky Star”, which is a chocolate cupcake with whipped peanut butter frosting. So good! We all got to take one home too, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to resist eating it today and save it for Rio when he’s back from London tomorrow. On va voir!

Hard at work on our bags!

Hard at work on our bags!

Cupcakes at Sugar Daze.

Cupcakes at Sugar Daze.

Waiting for our "wearable art" to dry.

Waiting for our “wearable art” to dry.

And here’s the bag I made!

Kasia Dietz Workshop

Front side.

Reversible side with pocket.

Reversible side with pocket. It looks like Tyler approves too!

Besides these monthly workshops (80 euros per person; or 70 euros per person if you come as a pair), Kasia also does private bag painting classes – perfect as a bridal shower activity or tourists looking for an alternate activity while indulging in sweets.

Sugar Daze
20 rue Henry Monnier
9th arrondissement
Métro: 12 @ St-Georges or 2 @ Pigalle

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