Top 5 Things I Learned at the Chinese New Year Parade in Paris

Last Sunday, Rio and I went to the Chinese New Year Parade in Paris’s largest Chinatown, which is located in the 13th arrondissement. Here are the top five things I learned while there:

5. In NY, if there were any type of parade, you know there’d be lots of hustlers with kiosks selling food of that origin. Apparently in Paris, not only do they sell a lot of balloons, but they just sell sausages with onions on a roll. It’s the Chinese New Year Parade, people! Chinese! How hard is it to sell some dumplings or scallion pancakes or those delicious Chinese egg waffles. They could sell 20 for 1 euro! Hmm, I think I have a new business idea…
Chinese New Year
4. Instead of metal barricades, security guards just march along the parade at certain points holding up string or construction tape to try to keep people off to the side. Let’s just say this wasn’t the best way to meet that goal, but I guess it does save them work from having to pick up and pack metal barricades. And you know how Frenchies feel about work!
Chinese New Year Dragon
3. You know how the Chinese New Year dragon dance is supposed to be really impressive and the highlight of the parade? Well, it was definitely not impressive. I was actually really disappointed and slightly offended that it was that bad.
Chinese New Year Parade
2. There were obviously Asians participating in the parade, but there were a lot of non-Asians in it. To the point where it was quite noticeable.
1. In fact, there aren’t a lot of Asians in attendance at all. Mostly Caucasians actually. Hmm – did someone say Asian fetish? I kid! I kid! No, really – I’m glad people came out to support the parade and, most importantly, the culture.

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