Le Marché Couvert des Batignolles

I do most of my food shopping on rue de Lévis, with an occasional stop at Patricia Wells-approved Jean-Claude et Nanou and Bières Cultes on rue Legendre. On Saturdays, if I’m not too busy – AKA I don’t sleep in too late – I’ll hit up the Batignolles Organic Market. But on Sundays, I’ve always wished there was somewhere else close by I could explore and shop at besides on rue de Lévis.
Le Marché Couvert des Batignolles
I was reminded there actually is such a place while I was reading the blog Oh La La Livia and saw a post about the Marché Couvert des Batignolles, a farmer’s market in my neighborhood. How did I not realize I hadn’t even been here yet… especially since it’s open on Sundays?!

So this morning, after walking Tyler, I dragged Rio’s butt there and literally did two laps around the market to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Instead of an open air market like the Batignolles Organic Market, Le Marché Couvert des Batignolles is located indoors and underground. It consists of several different typical vendors you find in France – poissonneries, fromageries, charcuteries, boucheries, caves à vin, a florist, veggie/fruit stands, and even a small supermarket. But what was a nice change was the diversity in the vendors. And by diversity, I mean, actual diversity (!!), which you don’t find much in my very French neighborhood between posh Parc Monceau and bobo-centric les Batignolles.  At Marché Couvert des Batignolles, you’ll find vendors selling Portugese, Moroccan, Lebanese, Japanese and even Senegalese food… all of whom I will eventually purchase from while I live here.
Marché Couvert des Batignolles

Marché Couvert des Batignolles

Marché Couvert des Batignolles
Marché Couvert des Batignolles
96 bis rue Lemercier
17th arrondissement
Métro: 13 @ Brochant (or Metro 2 or 3 @ Villiers and checkout rue de Lévis on your stroll to rue Lemercier)

– Sunday – 8:30am to 2pm
– Tuesday to Friday – 8:30am to 1pm and 3:30pm to 8pm
– Saturday – 8:30am to 10pm

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