Typical Lunch: Paris vs. New York

Quiche and Salad
My typical NYC lunches were usually a microwaveable soy patty with one or two slices of light whole wheat bread I’d toast in the office toaster oven. If it was cold, I’d have Campbell’s tomato soup in a can with a slice of bread and cheese I’d bring in a plastic baggie to the office. Oh, and I’d usually supplement this glorious meal with a bag of 100-calorie PopChips, usually BBQ flavor.

My typical Parisian lunches range from a large salad with green beans, avocado, hard-boiled egg, a few falafel balls, low-fat cheese, roasted tomatoes and French vinaigrette (tomatoes and vinaigrette recipes courtesy of David Lebovitz) to homemade quiche and salad to a fresh baguette sandwich with avocado, low-fat cheese, tomato, mayo and whole-grain mustard. If I’ve made it to the Batignolles Organic Market over the weekend, I’ll treat myself to a delicious oversized gougère that’s slightly crispy on the outside but oozing cheesy goodness on the inside, alongside a bowl of piping hot organic tomato soup. Oh, and I follow this up with a cup of café au lait and a Pockito, or more recently, two Oreos (hey – they were on sale at Monoprix!). Boy, times have changed…

Today, I’m enjoying leftover homemade quiche and salad. It’s based on a Mushroom & Fontina Quiche recipe on Epicurious, but I used skim milk and grated Emmental cheese since I didn’t feel like grating fontina cheese. Bon app!

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