French Phrase of the Day: Je vais avoir des courbatures.

French Phrase of the Day: My body’s going to kill me. / I’m going to have aches.

After two and a half months, I was finally able to work out with the trainer today! Hallelujah. It was so nice to finally get some real physical exercise (strolling through the streets of Paris doesn’t really count). Most importantly, I’m so relieved to be back on a schedule. Typically, I wake up around 8am for my trainer on Mondays and Thursdays, and Tyler’s dogwalker to pick him up for his all-day forest walks on Tuesdays and Fridays, but since Tyler had his bump issue and I’d hurt my ankle and was then sick, I was no longer forced to wake up at a respectable time in the morning. That meant I was dragging my butt out of bed at 11am sometimes… 10am if I was lucky! That may sound lovely to those of you who work in an office 9am to 7pm, but I’m a schedule kind of girl and need discipline to wake up on dark gray Paris mornings. Perhaps it stems from my childhood.

Childhood, you say?! Oh yes, I’m bringing up childhood here! During school summer breaks, you’d think I could have fun at summer camps, right? Well, I did sometimes, but, on days I didn’t have summer camp, my days were laid out for me by the hour. It went something like this:

7am – Breakfast / Get Ready
8am – Study (One clear memory I have is studying a 5th grade workbook while I was still in the 3rd grade. Um – have I mentioned, I’m Asian? Yeah, then no explanation needed.)
10am – Practice piano
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Free time
2pm – Pretty much repeat morning activities

I’m not bitter though! I swear I’m not…

Well, it’s wonderful to be back on a pseudo-schedule and working out! All this wine and cheese is not doing my body any good. Even though Steeve took it easy on me today, I know je vais avoir des courbatures demain, and I welcome it! At least I do right now, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I’m waddling around the apartment in pain…

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