The Harlem Shake… From the US to Paris?

So “The Harlem Shake” has apparently been shaking up the US nation for the past week. It’s a dance that originated back in the ’80s at a Harlem basketball game. Basically,while Harlem Shake by Baauer plays, one person who’s wearing a mask or helmet starts shaking his hips and spastically twitching his arms while everyone around him is completely oblivious. Then after a few seconds, everyone around him starts flailing about and moving to the beat. The video’s only about 30 seconds and there’s been thousands of video memes made of the dance so far. It kind of reminds me of the “Shit Brides Say” video that I conceived of for work back when the “Shit Girls Say” videos were popular… which by the way, when I looked today, the Shit Brides Say video has reached more than 1 million viewers! Yayay!

I was thinking how there should be a Paris version of The Harlem Shake and checked YouTube to see if it’d been done already and, alas, it has! It’s kind of funny with the French flag and a ridiculously oversized cartoon mask.

Happy Shaking!

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